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                                Mystic Woods

                                                 BUTTERFLY PARK     SPICE FARM   FOSSIL MUSEUM


Dear potential visitors and friends,

We regret to inform you that due to opposition by the residents  around the  Mystic Woods , mainly to allowing of tourists and parking issues , we have taken a decision to limit  operations till we sort out some viable solutions. One of them is to limit the number of visitors and restrictions on vehicles. Visits will need to  by prior appointment only

Until then it will continue to be a private garden of Heblekars and a conservatory for butterflies. Hopefully we can continue the good work of preserving the butterfly habitat within the disposable income we have from our regular jobs.




Imagine experiencing a different Goa . Green . Crowd free . Garbage Free . Healthy food . No alcohol .No Gambling . No beaches either. 

Welcome to Mystic Woods ! A sanctuary created by an ordinary couple for bees, birds and butterflies. 

A tribute to love of plants . Witness an unique rooftop garden like no other . Get you feet pampered in a natural fish spa .

A collection of Fossils and Geodes on display ,something to invoke the curiosity in your child's mind and bring out  the child in you.

Listen to the birds or read a book . 

Experience an alternate Goa ! Reconnect to Nature with your family.






For some , it is the highlight of the trip . To see a garden on a sloping roof . One that assists in rainwater harvesting.  The guided tour includes a quick visit to the garden roof . One of its kind in India . 




The Butterfly park is currently open only on Sundays between 10 am to 1 pm.

Entry Fee is Rs. 200 per person 

or Rs. 500 per family of 4 . 

Fees can be remitted via Googlepay to 9822895474