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                                Mystic Woods

                                                 BUTTERFLY PARK   *  SPICE FARM *  FOSSIL MUSEUM


Dear potential visitors and friends,

Mystic Woods is not your typical tourist place of interest but rather an effort of an ordinary middle class couple at conservation and an attempt to sustain it by attracting like minded visitors . You are advised to read the reviews on Google and sites like Tripadvisor -both the good and the bad ones to understand whether it meets your sensibilities  .

We do not accept very large groups , noisy picnics and tour operators  

Please note that butterfly spotting is best in the morning hours between 9 am to 11 am . Butterfly numbers are highly seasonal ( August to November ) .  

Rights of Admission reserved.


Imagine experiencing a different Goa . Green . Crowd free . Garbage Free .  No alcohol .No Gambling . No beaches either. 

Welcome to Mystic Woods ! A sanctuary created by an ordinary couple for bees, birds and butterflies. 

A tribute to love of plants . Witness an unique rooftop garden like no other . Get you feet pampered in a natural fish spa .

A collection of Fossils and Geodes on display ,something to invoke the curiosity in your child's mind and bring out  the child in you.

Listen to the birds or read a book . 

Experience an alternate Goa ! Reconnect to Nature with your family.






For some , it is the highlight of the trip . To see a garden on a sloping roof . One that assists in rainwater harvesting.  The guided tour includes a quick visit to the garden roof . One of its kind in India . 




Mystic Woods is open 6 days a week (Monday Closed ) between 9 am to 4 pm for guided tours . 

You can book the following experiences :

1.  Guided Tour

Entry Fee is Rs. 200  per person for guided tour of about an hour. No pre booking required and can be paid at entry. We recommend morning hours


2. Breakfast with Butterflies :

This experience is from morning 9:00 am to 11:30 am . It begins with a typical Goan breakfast prepared as per your specific taste , a guided tour by Yashodan of all the above and ends with a farewell beverage. Cost is Rs.950 per person all inclusive This experience needs to pre booked and pre paid . The program is non refundable. Rescheduling will be as per availability of dates .Once you book the experience and we confirm it please pay the full cost of the program on +91 9822895474


3. "Date with Bees, Butterflies and Birds " 

A specially curated tour of the Mystic Woods with the owners Jyoti and Yashodan , a home crafted Table d'hôte experience in a special setting and served in a separate , private VIP Lounge . The cost is Rs. 950 per person all inclusive. This experience needs to pre booked and pre paid. Once you book the experience and we confirm it please pay the full cost of the program on +91 9822895474 or scan the code below



All for yourself

 You can reserve the place at Rs. 9000 to book the whole place for the day. Please note we do not allow large groups , alcohol, smoking or music in the premises. Day bookings are strictly for relaxation , photo shoots or nature photography or nature watching in solitude