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                                Mystic Woods

                                                 BUTTERFLY PARK   *  SPICE FARM *  FOSSIL MUSEUM

The Butterfly Garden

No Enclosures . The butterflies are out in the open . The way natures intends them to be.

With a careful selection of plants on which they need to feed and breed ,butterflies are naturally attracted to the place .

A word of caution : Not always !! They are missing during cloudy, rainy or gloomy days , middle of the noon and certain times of the year.

Best time to spot butterflies is between 9:00 am to 12 noon . Best time of the year is between August to November. Remember we have no control on how many of them can be spotted or when . They are masters of their own will​

The Spice Garden

No monocultures . No pesticides .

No chemical fertilizers . No organised rows.

Quite unlike a traditional large spice farms , ours is a small ,modern land holding where we have tried natural farming techniques -Miyawaki Style. But you will be able to see a wide variety of spice plants like Cinnamon , Clove, Cardamom , Pepper , turmeric , Ginger , Nutmeg , Coffee , All spice , Kokum , Curry leaves , vanilla .

Most of the spice plants are young and you are able to see a spice farm being born . 

The Fossil and Geode Museum

The Heblekar  family has been collecting fossils , minerals and Geodes for several decades . Mystic Woods has a display of a sample of the collection from fish fossils of Green River Mile Formation of Wyoming USA , Dino bones from Alaska , Ammonites from Gandaki RIver basin of Nepal , Calymene Trilobite from Morocco to Tree Fossils of Central Asia.

Geodes and minerals from all over the world complete what may be the finest private collection of fossils and geodes in Goa.


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